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Monday 30 May 2016

☀ Stare Him Down: Stare Down [3] - Riley Murphy

Thank you for joining us on the Release Day Celebrations for  Stare Him Down, a Contemporary Erotic Romance by (, Renegade Publishing, 389 pages).

This is the third book in the Stare Down series.  All books in the series can be read as stand-alone, with no cliffhangers.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below.

Author Riley Murphy will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

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This Dom’s life is turned upside down when he agrees to enter into a modern-day marriage of convenience with a woman who’s sassy and vanilla.

Only problem?

She’s not vanilla. And the side of sassy she comes with is sure to get them both into trouble when he finds out.

Teaser: Excerpt

“Before I go anywhere I thought we’d play a game.”
     “Aren’t you tired?” He didn’t look up. He just stared with unseeing eyes at one of the numerous envelopes in his hand.
     “No. I’d call this game Truth or Dare, but all I have is the magic lasso so we’ll call this a game of honesty to the bone. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”
     Triple goddamn fuck. Only his eyes moved as he looked at her across the table. “A game? Why?”
     “It will be fun.” He knew for sure it wouldn’t. “I lasso you first.” She made a big show of tying a loop, and when she looked as if she might actually try to throw it over him, he reached forward and grabbed the coiled end out of her hands.
     “I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”
     She gave him one of her infamous Da Vinci muse’s smiles, and said, “You have to play by the rules.”
     Yes, and if the nasty devil on his shoulder stayed out of this, he would. He ran his finger over the cord that was surprisingly soft, and inclined his head. “I’m listening.”
     “You have to answer the question I ask you with total, and I mean absolute truth, so help you God.”
     He tried not to grin, but she was so serious he couldn’t help teasing her. “Okay, should we pinkie swear on it?”
     She tugged on the end of the cord she held, forcing him to keep a firmer grip. “Listen, if you don’t answer truthfully then there’s no point to any of this.”
     Interesting. Did she even realize she’d just admitted she had an agenda so this wasn’t a game per se? “Agreed. The same goes for you when I get my turn, right?”
     “Sure.” This quick reply told him she wasn’t thinking about the end game, only the beginning. “I’m ready, are you?” He barely had the chance to nod when she blurted out, “Did you have thoughts today about having sex with me?”
     Alrighty. To his mind there were a couple of things here that he needed to pay attention to. Some more obvious than others. First, her conviction. It was clear to him that she’d been planning to hijack him like this for quite some time. Second, she’d be a lousy bridge player because she didn’t have a strategic plan in mind. And third, just like the night in his hotel room a few years ago, she had not one drop of patience. Even now, she seemed barely able to contain herself, waiting for his answer.
     And what did that mean?
     He had to make his answer count. Better than that. It had to be epic. All-encompassing. Screw it. His answer was going to blow her mind.

Stare Him Down
Available NOW!

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The Series: Stare Down

|| [1] || [2] ||

Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

Stare Me Down [1]

She swears it’s only her curiosity.

He swears it’s because she’s curious.

A Dom stuck in anger management classes meets his match in his court-appointed therapist. Their attraction is off the charts. Unfortunately though, the timing is bad for both of them. Or, at least it is until he discovers his little vanilla doll isn't vanilla at all.

Then it's a matter of timing be damned. He can't keep his hands off her. A definite problem, as she has a past to deal with and he has a goal to attain. So when the present rears its ugly head, they are both blindsided. Now they’re forced to stare each other down if they hope to have any chance of a future together...

This book is a sexually explicit erotic romance of a different kind...

[Published 14 May 2013, 289 pages]

Stare Her Down [2]

“Because I want my woman to unravel. To give up and give in. To give it all to me. Everything. Her mind, her body, and soul, is mine in that moment. Submission becomes more than a word. It’s her lifeline that’s tied to me."

"Relax, rope is my paint brush..."

As a knotting expert, Gunn is the logical Dom to represent the club in the all-important bondage competition. He thought he had the sub he needed as partner, until she quit on him. Now he has to find an ideal replacement immediately.

Bailey wants the perfect bikini bod to capture the affections of her monumental crush. After a few margaritas, which prompted some sketchy decisions, she thinks her naughty neighbor can help her shape up. Didn't a Dom equal Drill Sergeant?

Opportunity knocked saying, "Dom in need? Meet a woman on a mission."

Through Bailey's humor and Gunn's stoicism, they find a precarious balance until the scales get tipped, but not in her favor. By the time she realizes her mistake, that a Dom is anything but a personal trainer, it's too late. She's literally tied up in a mess of her own making.

Now when Gunn's previous partner returns and she's looking to make amends, Bailey must decide between the dream guy she's always wanted, and the guy she's always dreamed of, but thought she could never have...

[Published 29 Oct. 2014, 294 pages]

About the Author

Riley Murphy writes sexy, humorous, and emotional romance, happy ending guaranteed. An optimist, she believes life is amazing, people are complicated, but in a good way, and we should never stop learning. Riley currently calls Florida home with her gorgeous husband. She has two phenomenal kids, one adorable-to-the-max grandchild, and a very bossy pooch.

When Riley’s not working she enjoys reading, oil painting, and getting to the Sunday crossword before anyone else does, so she can fill-in all the easy answers first, and pull the smart card with the family.

Things Riley loves:
- Writing books
- Connecting with readers
 - Doing giveaways for her readers

Things Riley Hates:
- Laundry. Seriously. She’d rather slam her fingers in a car door than do the dreaded bleach load.

A few of Riley’s favorite reviewer quotes:
"If you love intellectual mind candy, read Ms. Murphy’s work!"
"Creative, profound and soul searing scenes abound..."
"One wonders if Ms. Riley is in the sex therapy and marriage counseling business as a day job.  The D/s part of this story is Fabulous."

If Riley wasn’t an author she’d be an international spy with top-level security so she could have a peek at Area 51 and decide for herself if those green guys are for real.  Failing that, she’d likely go with chicken sexer.

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