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Wednesday 9 December 2015

☀ Flightless Bird: The Descent to Atlantis: The Atlantis Novella Serial [1] - Jamie Loeak

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Flightless Bird: The Descent to Atlantis, a Young Adult Dystopian novella by (, Jamie Loeak, 58 pages).   This is the first book in The Atlantis Novella Serial series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below. Read the first chapter with Amazon Look Inside.

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“Hunted, wanted, beast of night.
Lurks and takes of the human’s light.
Seizing, leaving nothing but death.
Taking until there’s nothing left.
But yet - alas! - The humans shall fight.
A human’s strength will steal his life.
This war is not a dream deferred, but the unyielding
Strength of a flightless bird.”

Teaser: Excerpt

     “Do you remember what happened?” the man asks suddenly.
     I turn to see that now that we are flying lower he has taken off the dark glasses. He is quite young, probably only a year or two older than I am. However, he has a large scar across his left eye. I can see why he chose to wear the dark glasses now. He must have been a worker at one point. The world up here is far too safe to obtain that kind of scar.
     “I remember,” I say as I turn away and look out at the elevator. A young man in a pair of shorts and a bright orange vest is getting hooked up to the harness. He holds on to a yellow bar that lifts when he is strapped securely. He hangs there, his feet dangling over the hole that leads to the world below ours. Down there they call it home, but we call it Atlantis.
     “Tell me what you know, Ms. Fawkes. What do you know of Atlantis and its unfortunate creation during the last world war? What do you know of its wild origin?” The man leans toward me, clearly interested. I wonder if he had to ask the others the same question, or if he only asks me because of my father or my home in the western provinces. Those that live in the cities think that we obtain a lesser education out there, but my father didn’t want my brother and I exposed to the life out here.
     I pull back as the man below us disappears down the elevator shaft. I shudder, hoping that he will come out alive. Turning to the man sitting with me, I take in his scar before licking my lips to speak. “Atlantis was created after the bombs destroyed our country and took most of the land into the sea that surrounded us. The able-bodied people were able to begin building the ground back up in an attempt to reach the land that now rose in cliffs above us.” I turn and look at the elevator one more time. A shiver runs up my spine as I think of the results of their radiation, the disease that was once known as pride and greed and desire.
     “Then, the monster was discovered. The people that could afford it purchased plots of land on the raised platforms. The others were left below them. Those that were unable to fight off the attacks of the beast were killed, sacrificed for the greater good of the human race, and those that were able to survive kept building. To pay back the people that were once killed, the people that lived above Atlantis decided to hire workers to fight the monster, to kill it once and for all. Those workers are chosen at birth. They are recruited at eighteen and are sent into Atlantis to claim back what is rightfully ours - the innocent human lives.”

Flightless Bird: The Descent to Atlantis
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About the Author

Jamie Loeak is an aspiring YA author. She has written and published her trilogy and continues to work toward finishing the ideas for more novels that pop into her ever changing mind.

Jamie resides in Florida, where she is a middle school teacher. Finding time for writing is difficult within the world of lesson plans, assessments, and students; however, Jamie makes sure to make time for all of the things that she loves in life, including her students, pets, and loving boyfriend.

When Jamie isn't writing or grading papers, she is forcing her sister into photo shoots or playing her guitar. Her current goal is to become a bestselling author.

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