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Friday 30 January 2015

✍ The Three Sisters: A Hollows Short Story [3] - Lisa Unger

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Published by Gallery Books
Number of pages: 76
My rating:  ★ ★ ★  I liked it
About the author

"The final e-short in a thrilling mini-series about a psychic medium, from award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.

When Eloise’s granddaughter, twenty-year-old Finley, comes to live with her, Eloise’s abilities start to change—things seem to be getting easier. Her load is lighter, and rather than chasing down people she needs, they are coming to her. She teams up with detective Jones Cooper to help a desperate father bring his daughter’s killer to justice. Meanwhile, Finley, who is developing gifts of her own, has bigger problems than she’s willing to admit. Will Eloise help Finley and others see the difference between justice and revenge, or will things spiral out of control first?"

"The Three Sisters" is the third and final instalment of an e-novella in three parts, which follows

the life of psychic Eloise Montgomery, one of the pivotal characters in the "Jones Cooper" Series ("Fragile" and "Darkness, My Old Friend").

The story once again picks up roughly another ten years after the end of the previous chapter, "The Burning Girl". Eloise grand-daughter, Finley, is now twenty-years old and living with her; a stern entity, a woman in black, is visiting them. Ray is no longer around the Hollows and Eloise now works with a local private detective, Jones Cooper, who is investigating the case of a drowned girl.

It is clear from this latest offering that the focus of this series is not the supernatural entities, that Eloise deals with, and their stories. The Burning Girl is mentioned only once in passing, hence if you were looking for answers about her, like I was, on this occasion you will be disappointed - however, don't give up yet! The purpose of the series seems to be in introducing us to Eloise, to the Hollows, to the Whispers; to make us understand these characters, their gifts - or curse - and their ordeals coming to terms with their situation.

Lisa Unger does this sensitively, slowly putting together the pieces of the puzzle that is the Hollows. However, we are left feeling that there is a lot more to be discovered about the Hollows and its whispers... maybe this novella is not the end, but just the beginning...

This item also contains a preview of Crazy Love You, which will be released after this title.  "Crazy Love You" is set in New York and in the Hollows (just like the Whispers Trilogy), and it will feature Eloise Montgomery and Jones Cooper, along side the two protagonists Ian and Priss.
Will this novel bring us some answers and more insights?
I cannot wait to find out!

[ARC provided via Netgalley]

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