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Thursday 1 January 2015

✍ Home for the Howlidays: A Montana Wolves holiday novella - Chloe Cole

Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Frog Prints Publishing
Number of pages: 50
My rating: ★ ★ ★  I liked it

"Featured in the New York Times bestselling anthology, Kiss of Christmas Magic!

Nicklaus Maslov left Stone Creek, Montana, in his rear–view mirror three years ago and never planned to go back. His pack’s ways are antiquated, and the girl he loves will never be his. But when his father, the pack’s alpha, sends him an urgent message, he can’t deny the protective instinct drawing him back to his hometown, or the lure of the one that got away.

Petra Stevens has had her heart stomped on once and vows it will never happen again. When her former lover and packmate returns to Stone Creek, all the rage and hurt she felt when he’d left comes bubbling to the surface…along with other feelings she can’t control. If she can just avoid him while he’s in town, things will be fine. But fate has other plans…

Home for the Howlidays: A Montana Wolves holiday novella, is a good erotica paranormal romance which focuses on two members of the Prey pack - a clan of shape shifting werewolves - and can be read as a stand alone piece.

The characters and plot were well developed and engaging and deals with social and psychological aspects of being part of a pack (not an action piece).

I am, however, still not convinced by the erotica part, which I find unnecessarily explicit, and I feel it ends up cheapening and detracting from the piece. If you are into romantic steamy action, this take should not disappoint.

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