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Tuesday 30 December 2014

✍ The Basement - Chad P. Brown

Genre: Horror
Published by Three Crows Books
Number of pages: 13
My rating: ★ ★ ★  I liked it

"On a dare from her best friends, Heather goes inside the town's haunted house, where Frank Blackwell killed his wife and then hung himself in the basement. But while in the house, Heather is confronted by a ghost from her past, her mother who died accidentally one year ago. Now, Heather must not only escape from the evil lurking inside the house, but from the demons of her own past.

The Basement is a nice short creepy tale (suspenseful, not gory) that plays on people's common fears - with the familiar.

Although we do get to know Heather, the main teenage character, and about her demons, we are left pondering over her mother and her motivations.

Also what is the story behind the original tragedy in that house? Was that all about guilt as well?

The story was very well written, and had my full attention, however I feel it could have delivered more.

This piece is also part of the collection "Pile of Bones: 13 Tales of Terror".