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Friday, 21 November 2014

✍ Underwater - Julia McDermott

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Published by Thomas & Mercer
Number of pages: 308
My rating: ★ ★  It was OK

"After years of guilt over a long-ago tragedy, Candace Morgan is finally poised for success. The CEO of her own women’s shapewear company, she’s about to launch a new swimsuit line—and make a fortune. When she is guilted into loaning her brother a huge sum of money for real estate, she believes she’s simply fulfilling a family promise. In reality, she’s enabling a devious sociopath…and now, she’s roped into the renovation from hell.

For years, Monty Carawan has envied his sister’s wealth. Spiteful and self-centered, he’s convinced that her success came at the expense of his own future. But when the housing market plunges and Candace attempts to disentangle herself from Monty’s mess, her brother’s malicious streak brings the family tension to a dangerous boiling point.
Revised edition: This edition of Underwater includes editorial revisions."

Unfortunately I simply could not get into this one until two thirds into it.
All of the characters were far too self absorbed and selfish - no exception and no redeeming qualities at any point, no matter how much they tried.

The story itself could have been more interesting and engaging if it had been written from the point of view of Helen, and the events that unfold once she finds out the truth about her husband.

[ARC received from Netgalley]

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