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Friday 14 November 2014

✍ The Burning Girl: A Hollows Short Story [2] - Lisa Unger

Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Published by Gallery Books
Number of pages: 73
My rating: ★ ★ ★  I liked it

"From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger comes the second of three e-shorts about a psychic medium and the strange secrets she begins to uncover—for better or for worse.

Ten years after Eloise Montgomery discovers her psychic abilities, she is a full-fledged working psychic, with a partner and a business. Now, in The Burning Girl, she’s discovering some disturbing things: secrets about her genealogy that are, perhaps, best left in the past; that her granddaughter Finley has powers of her own; and that not all of Eloise’s visitors actually want to be helped. Some of them are just looking for trouble…

Writing with the same taut prose that earned her critical acclaim for her explosive thriller Beautiful Lies, Lisa Unger delivers a spellbinding story that will leave you wanting more."

The Burning Girl is the second instalment of an e-novella in three parts, which follows the life of psychic Eloise Montgomery, one of the pivotal characters in the "Jones Cooper" Series ("Fragile" and "Darkness, My Old Friend").

The story picks up ten years on from The Whispers, and although Eloise Montgomery has become accustomed to her abilities there is much more to be learnt about the entities who contact her and about her own family.

Once again this is a very flowing, quick and captivating read, however I felt that this story was rather insipid and too incomplete, and therefore I did not find it as satisfying as the previous offering.

Hopefully all will become clear in the final part, "The Three Sisters".

[ARC received via Netgalley]

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