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Thursday, 20 February 2020

✉ My Writing Space by Cassandra George Sturges

Today author and professor takes over our blog to tell us about her Writing Space. The Jungle Beauty Goddessesis her latest series (, Cassandra George Sturges), a Fantasy Erotica, which currently comprises of three books.

"The Jungle Beauty Goddess Book Series 1, 2, and 3 had a very ambitious plot I felt, with a lot of different elements. No stone was left unturned [...] Wow! It very much had a flavor of the Greek myths and legends but in ‘Nubian’. [...] It is a modern creation story and all of the modern concerns and curiosities are included, especially that of the decline of Mother Earth.I think that through all three books, there was a particular strength in writing erotic scenes and for me [...]. The strength in descriptions and poetic devices, romantic dialogue and attention to detail added to a talent for appealing to spiritual and physical senses would make it perfect to me." -- Stephanie Francis – Book Reviewer

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My Writing Space

by Cassandra George Sturges

I am surrounded by the seven life-size cloth doll versions of the Jungle Beauty Goddesses.  They sit in regular chairs around my dining room table.  I also have a 6ft tall giraffe in my living room that I made from cloth.  Three of the Jungle Beauty Goddesses sit on the giraffe’s back behind my chair where I sit in front of the computer and write.

I have a cauldron with large cinnamon sticks and star anise that I burn.  It smells so freakin’ good!  I have a mason jar filled with gemstones, herbs, and oils for creativity.  I have a cloth under my keyboard with an outer space scene of nebula and planets covered with glitter.

On my dining room table near the end, sits my desktop computer.  I have approximately 20 skull and alien star being crystals and gemstones that surround my keyboard.  I also have smaller cloth beings that I have sewn filled with herbs, oils, and gemstones for creativity, my throat chakra for writing, and my third-eye chakra for original ideas.  I also have bowls of large gemstone spheres near my computer.  I have a water mist machine that changes light colors with drops of essential oil blends for intuition, creativity, and clarity.  I have candles blue candles for my throat chakra and sometimes black to tap into my otherworldly intuition.

Seshat Goddess
I made a Seshat cloth doll who is the goddess of writing.  She is typically in this writing area, but I moved her to the helpful people area in my bedroom.  I forgot to mention that I practice Feng Shui.  I write at my dining room table because it sits in the creativity area in my home.

The best way for me to describe Feng Shui is-- to me it is a 3-dimensional vision board of your environment with nine sections assigned to different aspects of your life.  As a writer, my environment is very important to me.  I make sure that my creativity area, knowledge and wisdom area, and helpful people areas (I like to call on my writing gods, muses, light beings) are decorated with the right colors, elements, and symbols to enhance those qualities in my home.

I also have two hideous writing dresses that I made from t-shirts with section colors that represent each chakra color.  When I haven’t written in a long time I wear this dress, with my sodalite, lapis lazuli, and chrysocolla, gemstone rings.  I place my azurite, and pietersite gemstones in my bra.  I have a black choker necklace with a two inch larimar gemstone in the center with a blue lace agate on one side and a lapis lazuli gemstone on the other side to stimulate my throat chakra for communication.

I also have fifth (Throat chakra) and second (Sacral chakra) chakra teas that I drink in addition to dabbing Gypsy Queen, La Madama, intuition, and air element oils on my third eye, throat, solar plexus, and sacral chakras and pulse points to stimulate my creativity.

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses are seven sisters who were given the planet earth as a birthday gift from their parents Dematter and Nebula to develop its life forms and ultimately nurture and protect its beings.  They wanted to be free of responsibility so they create beings who did not beg, whine, pray or worship them. There are three stories in the series:
Pretty Blue Ball is a read recommended for those who like their stories rich in growth and imaginative blends of spiritual and social insights into the human condition.

Aquatic Ball takes the reader on a thoughtful journey through man's inhumanity and total disregard for the planet and the creatures that share it with him.

Dirty Ball sees humanity's future hanging by a thread controlled by a Goddess whose sanity and good judgment must be severely questioned.

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses Series
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