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Tuesday 3 September 2019

✉ Silent Voices: Faces Behind the Stones [5] - Fran Lewis

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about her/his latest novel, Silent Voices (, Southern Owl Publications, LLC, 51 pages), a Horror / Paranormal Suspense collection, book five in the Faces Behind the Stones series.

“Unique, haunting, terrifying, incredibly moving: Fran Lewis’ SILENT VOICES is all that and more as people tell spell-binding stories of their lives - and their deaths - from beyond the grave. You won’t forget this one!” - R.G. Belsky, award-winning author of the Clare Carlson mystery series.

"Silent Voices is a shrewd, sensitive and scintillating collection of short stories that make us feel and think. Noted talk show host Fran Lewis proves herself to be as skilled a storyteller as she is a listener, adept at both tugging on our heart strings and exposing the raw emotion between the lines. Her tales reach beyond the grave in fashioning rich tapestries drawn on a sprawling landscape at once both rich in color and gray-toned. A can't miss effort certain to live with you far beyond the turn of the final page." -Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author

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The Secret Behind Faces Behind the Stones

by Fran Lewis

I received a phone call that would change my life forever.  My sister had a massive heart attack and the deliverer of the message stated she was in ICU on life support.

Within seconds I could feel my heart racing and I told my husband we were heading out for the hospital.  The staff of this facility was not very optimistic and the end result was on July 8th.

Driving down the path of the cemetery filled with overgrown trees and a rocky path I wondered till this day what or who caused her to have this massive attack.  Cars driving on this gravel road and looking at the faces of the drivers and then the stones I wondered what the people buried behind those stones would say if their voices were not silenced.

One year later we had to unveil my sisters stone and I looked at the lonely stone covered with rocks on top alerting her to the number of visitors that came to pay their final respects one more time and I asked her: if you could tell what happened that day and what caused your heart attack what would you tell me.  If your voice could be heard one more time how would you tell the story?

I walked around the perimeter of the cemetery and looked at the stones that were much older and some fairly new and asked these questions: Mr. Fried why are you here?  Were you sick, murdered or did something or someone cause you to be here?

What about you Mrs. Cohen or Mr. Gold?  Why are you here?  Were you a good person or did something or someone cause your death?  What if they could tell their story?  What about someone who was wronged and wanted the world to learn about what they suffered at the hand of another person?

Three stories are based on real life events and the rest my imagination.  In every case, someone was wronged and wanted to be heard and in other cases, someone wanted to repent and be heard.

What stories lay behind the faces behind the stones?

Faces Behind the Stones, the first book tells of people who did things that were wrong and of one teacher falsely accused, and that is based on real life and on what she shared with me before taking her life.

In Bad Choices, teens tell why they made wrong decisions and you hear their voices telling their stories.

Whose voices are now silenced?
What would each face behind every stone say if their voices could be heard?

Silent Voices
Available NOW!

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