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Thursday 25 July 2019

✉ Where do ideas come from? - Lisa Zajkowski

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about where ideas come from.

Soul Reader (, The Light Network, 230 pages),  a Paranormal Romance, is Lisa's debut novel.

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Where do ideas come from?

Ideas can come much like that moment where you forget what you walked into a room for and then suddenly, like a light bulb turns on, you remember.

That’s what you’ll hear me reference often as inspired thought. It’s much like when you stop focusing on something that you’re trying to find, you find it or that word that you can’t think of so you’re like “What’s that word…” then you do something else and bam, the word comes. Ideas are like that for me, they usually just come.

Sometimes, though, I can see something in life and my mind will think, ‘That would make a great book’.  Book ideas can be relative to things going on in my life or have happened or other times, it has absolutely nothing to do with my life at all.  Certainly, I need to identify with my characters so it’s as if a piece of me is within them as there is a piece of them within me.

Most of the time, the ideas come just like that moment of ah-ha comes for all of us.  Then, the fun begins.  I think that the beginning of the book is the most exhilarating part because that’s when creation happens and more ideas flow.  I don’t do outlines, but I have gone back to make sure the timing in a book is correct (I want it to make sense).

I let the book flow and let the ideas flow as it unfolds.  Often times, there are pauses and hiccups and decisions of how I want the story to go.  Making those decisions of “this way or that way” can be difficult, but also fun.  The power is literally in my mind and my creative flow and I very much appreciate the process of creation with what often times seems like an endless flow of ideas coming to life!

What if you knew what your life would be like before it even happened?
What if your love was so deep that it ran through the very depths of time?

Soul Reader
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