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Thursday 20 June 2019

✉ Gratitude in The Perfect Lap - Sedona Hutton

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about "Gratitude in The Perfect Lap".

The Perfect Lap (, Rocky Top Book Press, 383 pages) is Sedona's latest novel, a Contemporary Romance with a new age twist, book two in the Racing Hearts in Serenity series

"The second book in the Racing Hearts in Serenity series is as good as the first—maybe better, as hard as that is to believe! [...]

What’s impressed me most with this series is the author’s ability to not only bring lots of sexual tension (and follow-through) into the story but also the way she shows two people falling deeply in love and the way she draws attention to social issues that exist in the real world. The Perfect Lap (just like Nora’s Promise) is hard to put down, and my own heart was racing as I cheered AJ and Ella on, both in their relationship and in what they’re trying to do to make their world a better place.

And the best part of all—there’s gonna be a third book!"kybookworm, Amazon Verified Purchase

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Gratitude in The Perfect Lap

“You can’t be stressed when you’re feeling blessed!”
The above quote is from The Perfect Lap, my recently released contemporary romance novel.  In The Perfect Lap, Ella and AJ unexpectedly join forces to co-foster three children, and quickly learn that they’re out of their league.  They attend a New Age Parenting class, and one of the topics covered is gratitude.

Sometimes kids and adults make poor choices that lead to negative energy.  It’s how we respond that makes all the difference.  In The Perfect Lap, Ella, AJ, and the kids come up with a time-out word that any of them can call.  Once the word is said, they all take a few minutes of silence.  During that time, they reflect on where they are mood-wise (energy-wise) and consider if that’s where they really want to be.  Often, after this pause, they each share a few gratitudes.
"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." - Thornton Wilder
Ella and AJ experienced positive results when practicing gratitude with the kids.  Negativity disappeared, bad moods faded, and spirits were lifted.  I've found the same results in my own life.  Not surprising considering it’s backed by science!  Studies have shown when you’re feeling genuinely grateful, it’s impossible to at the same time f eel angry, anxious, or any other negative emotion.

When we’re stressed, our minds and bodies are pummeled with strain.  Blood flow redirects to muscles needed to fight or flee and brain functions are minimized.  Physically, ongoing stress can cause a long list of health issues.

On the other hand, when we’re focused on our blessings, our minds and bodies are relaxed and we experience positive emotions like love, joy, and hope.  Gratitude helps us fully experience happy moments in life, build strong relationships, improve health, and deal with hardships.

How can you bring more gratitude into your life?  Let me count the ways… You can write your gratitudes in a journal, say them out loud, or recount them silently.  You can share your gratitudes in a group setting like Ella and AJ did with the kids.  The method doesn’t matter as much as the exercise.   Practicing gratitude in any form connects you with the present moment, creates positive energy, and generates feelings of love and compassion.

This blog was written by Sedona Hutton, author of romance and women’s fiction novels with new age, spiritual twists.

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Will their romance hit the wall, or will love take the checkered flag?

The Perfect Lap
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