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Thursday 7 March 2019

✉ What kind of writer am I? - E. Curtis

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about What Kind of Writer He Is. Discussion of a Decent Dream (, Edwardian Stainless Press, Ltd, 248 pages) is E. Curtis' debut novel, a Dark Literary Fantasy.

Discussion of a Decent Dream is a Finalist in Britain's Wishing Self Book Awards in the Adult category, and it is on sale for ONLY 0.99 until 13 June 2019!

"Beautiful from beginning to end. I rarely read anything twice, especially if it's a new release, but I had no problem doing so with this book. It's beautifully written. If you have a creative mind and can easily find yourself becoming characters in novels, you'll enjoy this story. Definitely worth the read." ~ Amazon Verified Purchase

"[...] if you decide to stick with it the book will take you on an amazing journey filled with descriptions painting entire landscapes for you in only a few sentences. The internal monologues are exceptional [...] You won't regret reading it and I for one am glad I [did]" ~ Amazon Reviewer

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What kind of writer am I?

by E. Curtis

Ideas flash into my mind as immersive visions, often containing character, setting, and atmosphere with some conflict/action. After setting aside an idea that didn’t pan out, I began receiving visions of a new story. Often with a feeling of transport, the visions are always rich and sensual but will repeat and haunt me until I write them down.

I use pen and paper, mainly a writing journal, then type up sections at a time. These tend to be fragmented, so part of the work on the computer is first to organize, cut, paste, and order according to sequence. I guess this falls under pantser status. If I try to plot it comes off as fake and cheesy, so I just let it come to me. And it always does. Tapping into the ether. Music helps to check out, loosen the mind, my drug. There is also a seizing of my thoughts, grabbed as it were, so that turning away proves difficult, though rarely if ever would I want to.

To others it might look like I am in a bit of a frenzy while scribbling into my journal. I often write alone, but there are occasions when I am around others, and I get a sense of drawing on their energies while doing this. The proximity in a café or on a plane pushes me further into myself, into a trance-like state while riding on that shared energy about me. Others have taken notice in these situations, but there is never an intrusion, just a curiosity as to what could captivate me so much as to cause the flurry of the pen on paper at hand.

As for techniques, there are some. Music as white noise is a must. What introduced me to this state of consciousness was a dying blinking fluorescent light, so anything that can create a strobing effect is helpful, broken lines on the road, a ceiling fan, or something similar. Simple breathing exercises can promote both a calm and a withdrawal.

Rather I raced through the woods in odd fashions of knowing…

Discussion of a Decent Dream
ONLY 0.99 until 13 June 2019!

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Anonymous said...

IT's cool to hear about your process!


Wanda Flanagan said...

Thank you for sharing with us today.

Victoria Alexander said...

Thanks for sharing :)