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Friday 30 March 2018

☀☄ To Discover a Divine: Rise of the Stria [1] - Tessa McFionn

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for To Discover a Divine, a Sci-Fi Romance by (, Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC, 184 pages).

This is the first book in the Rise of the Stria series.

Don't miss our interview with author Tessa McFionn.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis, trailer, Kindle Cloud Reader Preview, and Exclusive Excerpt below. 

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When Kahlym cal Jhuen, freedom-fighting leader of the Chandar Stria, breaks into a prison ship controlled by the Rimmarian Thrall, he only expected to rescue two of his crew. But when he discovers a terrified female during his escape, he is immediately captivated by her unique beauty and makes a snap decision to take her with him. However, his good deed backfires when he learns he has stolen the Thrall Emperor’s prize.

Down to her last dollar, Evainne Wagner expected nothing out of the ordinary when she stepped out of her Boston apartment. Instead, she found herself in the middle of an intergalactic firefight, complete with strange soldiers with deadly weapons pointed directly at her. Salvation arrives in the nick of time in the form of a mysterious leather-clad warrior, skidding in and whisking her away. Trusting her heart, she follows, hoping to find answers as well as a way home.

Safely on board his ship, he learns more about her and her rare skills, triggering the memory of a half-forgotten prophecy spoken at the time of his cursed birth. Outcast because of a cruel twist of fate, he finds unexpected acceptance, even affection, from his new passenger.

Could she be the one who holds the future of his people, as well as his own heart, in her tender hands?

Teaser: KCR Preview

Teaser: Exclusive Excerpt


     A strange mix of sadness and confusion colored Evainne’s deep brown eyes; the unexpected grief at her crestfallen face became ice water on Kahlym’s rampant libido. His jaw dropped a fraction, words on the tip of his tongue as she turned away to face Bhaan. “Then maybe you can tell me why the hell I’m here? And if you happened to have a ‘how’ and ‘can it be reversed’ mixed in, that would be great, too.”
     She moved half a step away from him before his body jerked into action. As if sensing his impending embrace, she spun about, eyes narrowed as fury traced firm lines onto her forehead.
      “And you.” To his growing shock, she grabbed his arm and slammed several rapid punches into the meat of his shoulder. “Don’t even get me started on this one. God, what is it with you damned testosterone-drunk men?” Her gaze fixed on something behind him, and she jabbed her finger in the general direction. “Please tell me that’s a pool. If I don’t cool off soon, I’m gonna do some serious damage.”
     His voice locked in his throat as she strode away in an angry huff, stopping only when she reached the edge of the rejuvenating fountain. From the erratic movements of her arms, she was trying to get free of the gearsuit. Once his brain re-engaged in some rational manner, he managed one step before she slapped at the emergency release. The fabric melted to the floor and she disappeared under the clear waters.
     The chuckle at his back drew his attention away from his fuming beauty. Bhaan’s less than sympathetic look and demeaning pat on the shoulder did nothing to lighten his mood. “She is a perfect match for you, Kahlym. Divine or not, she has the spirit to keep you on your toes.”
     Bitterness churned in his gut while he pondered a hateful truth. “She is not meant for me, Bhaan. She wants no part of me.”
     The Ontaxian smiled as he shook his head. “Is that what your heart believes, or what your head and your past are trying to convince you to believe?” He guided Kahlym’s gaze to the tempting view of her bare back, her thick tresses falling to brush the top of the water.
      “Go to her. She needs answers only you can provide. We will speak later.”
     The last few words drifted into the distance, and he vaguely heard the click of a closing door behind him. His attentions were focused solely on the angry angel, his heart aching to ease her pain. Never one to retreat, he slowly made his way to the pool, discarding his shirt before adding his breeches and boots to the pile of scattered clothes on the floor. He took a deep breath, steeling his nerves as he descended the steps into the waters. He approached her back cautiously, his arms twitching with the need to touch her, but he opted to keep his desire in check.

Even outcasts can change the course of the universe

To Discover a Divine
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About the Author

Tessa McFionn is a very native Californian and has called Southern California home for most of her life, growing up in San Diego and attending college in Northern California and Orange County, only to return to San Diego to work as a teacher. Insatiably curious and imaginative, she loves to learn and discover, making her wicked knowledge of trivial facts an unwelcomed guest at many Trivial Pursuit boards.

When not writing, she can be found at the movies or at Disneyland with her husband, as well as family, friends or anyone who wants to play at the Happiest Place on Earth. She also finds her artistic soul fed through her passions for theatre, dance and music.

A proud parent of far too many high school seniors and two still living house plants, she also enjoys hockey, reading and playing Words With Friends to keep her vocabulary sharp. She is currently the treasurer of the San Diego chapter of Romance Writers of America and loves spending time working with such amazingly intelligent and creative writers.

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