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Tuesday 12 December 2017

☀☄ Going Gone!: Trackers [2] - Anita Dickason

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Going Gone!, a Paranormal Suspense Thriller by (, Mystic Circle Books, 301 pages).

This is the second book in the Trackers series.
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Don't miss our interview with author Anita Dickason.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis, trailer and the Kindle Cloud Reader Preview below.

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Author Anita Dickason will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other exclusive excerpts (☀).

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An intricate scheme to abduct the children of the most powerful politicians on Capitol Hill gets disrupted when Kerry Branson, ex-homicide detective turned private investigator, inadvertently rescues one of the victims on a fog-laden backroad in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

When Kerry discovers the six-year-old boy is the son of a U.S. Senator kidnapped from his Austin home, her call to the FBI is just the beginning of her problems. Pursued by a ruthless band of mercenaries who seem to know her every move, Kerry is forced into an uneasy alliance with the agent assigned to the case, FBI Tracker Ryan Barr.

As the abductions continue, their search for the children will pit Kerry and Ryan against a formidable adversary who uses his wealth and political power to cloak a psychopathic obsession. His manipulation extends deep into the government even to the Office of the President.

A horrific plan slowly emerges--one that has drug cartels and terrorist groups lined up to cash in.

Teaser: Exclusive Excerpt

The deputy’s attention was focused on whatever was happening in the lobby, and she slipped out the door. A bend in the hall and up ahead was an exit sign. The door opened onto the parking lot on the side of the hospital. Tristan groaned and twisted in her arms.
     In a whisper, Kerry said, “Tristan, this is another part of the game. Can you pretend to be a ghost and not let anyone know you are here?”
     At the sound of her voice, he relaxed. “I think so.”
     Hugging the wall as she moved, Kerry scanned the parking lot for any movement. At the corner, she stopped to peep around the edge. A man, wearing a dark ski mask, leaned against the front of her truck.
     Damn! The boy’s weight was heavy in her arms, and she leaned against the brick wall. What was she going to do now? She hated to leave her truck, but she had to find a place to hide.
     Shouts, then a shot rang out from inside the hospital. Leaning forward for another peek, she saw the man straighten, hesitate as he looked around the parking lot, then race to the front door.
     With Tristan balanced in one arm, her fingers groped in her pocket for the keys. Hitting the remote, she unlocked the doors.

The Series: Trackers

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Sentinels of the Night [1]

**ONLY 0.99!**

FBI Tracker Cat Morgan has an unusual talent, one she has successfully concealed, even from her fellow agents. That is—until she finds a body with a strange symbol carved on the forehead during a stop in Clinton, Mississippi and crosses paths with the town’s rugged police chief, Kevin Hunter.

Despite his instant attraction to the sexy agent, Kevin is suspicious of her presence at the crime scene and isn’t buying her dubious explanations. He wants her out of the investigation and out of his town.

The discovery of another mutilated body with the same symbol sends Cat back to Clinton, and this time she isn’t leaving. To stop the killer, Cat must find a way to overcome Kevin’s distrust and will face an impossible impasse—truth or lies.

But will either one matter, when the killer fixates on her for his next sacrifice?

[Published 12 March 2017, 296 pages]

About the Author

Anita Dickason is a retired police officer with twenty-seven years of experience, twenty-two with the Dallas Police Department. She served in patrol, undercover narcotics, accident investigation and was on a sniper on the Dallas SWAT team.

Anita is the recipient of the prestigious Law Enforcement Professional Achievement Award from the State of Texas House of Representatives. Other awards include Officer of the Year—Texas Women in Law Enforcement, Officer of the Year—International Association of Women in Police, Runner-up Officer of the Year—Dallas Police Department, Officer of the Month—Dallas Police Department and multiple Police Commendations, Certificates of Merit and Citizen/Business commendations from the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas community.

Anita was a certified instructor with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Her instructor certifications include Defensive Tactics, Batons, Spontaneous Knife Defense, Field Sobriety Procedures, Drug Recognition Expert program, and Accident Investigation.

She is a Past President of Texas Women in Law Enforcement, and Past Treasurer for the International Association of Women in Police.

Her first book, JFK Assassination Eyewitness: Rush to Conspiracy, is non-fiction and details the reconstruction of a 1966 vehicle accident near Midlothian, Texas that killed a key witness to the Kennedy assassination. The project opened the door to a new career, Author and Publisher. She owns Mystic Circle Books & Designs, LLC and provides manuscript and design services, helping other authors turn their manuscripts into a published book.

Her fictional works are suspense/thrillers and her plots are drawn from her extensive law enforcement knowledge and experience. Characters with unexpected skills, that extra edge for overcoming danger and adversity, have always intrigued her. Her infatuation with ancient myths and legends of Native American Indians, and Scottish and Irish folklore adds a touch of paranormal for the backdrop of her characters.

The experience of writing led to developing a knowledge of self-publishing and graphic design and a new business endeavor: Mystic Circle Books & Designs, LLC. It is a tossup of what Anita enjoys more, working on her books or helping another author publish their works. She has found an unexpected enjoyment in designing book covers, bookmarks, bookplates, etc. Email her for an autographed custom bookplate --

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Anita Dickason said...

I love this blog site. Thank you for the time and effort to showcase my book. Tristan is an engaging six-year-old boy who has crossed paths with Kerry Branson, a kick-ass ex-homicide detective turned private investigator.

Victoria Alexander said...

Great post! I enjoyed the trailer :)

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I would love to read your book.

Anita Dickason said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. It is great motivation to keep writing.