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Thursday 7 September 2017

☀ The Chronicles of Alcinia [1-3] - Miriam Newman

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Chronicles of Alcinia, an Historical Fantasy by (, DCL Publications, 915 pages).

This bundle contains books one to three in The Chronicles of Alcinia series.

Don't miss our interview with author Miriam Newman.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and the Kindle Cloud Reader Preview below.

Author Miriam Newman will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), and guest blog posts (✉).

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Available for the first time as an e-book bundle, the award-winning fantasy historical series The Chronicles of Alcinia weaves a tale of war, history, passion and romance.

In Book I, The King’s Daughter, Tarabenthia of Alcinia should grow to inherit her father’s throne by the rocky cliffs of the sea. When invaders seize her land, what will she sacrifice in the name of love?

In Book II, Heart of the Earth, the Northern Prince who has always wanted Tia saves her life. But will the price of his protection be too high?

And finally in Book III, Ice Maiden, readers who wondered about the fate of Tia’s oldest son have their answer. Sometimes heart-wrenching, always powerful, this is a tale of heroes and the women who love them.

The Series: The Chronicles of Alcinia

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The King's Daughter [1]

Born to a dying queen and an ambitious king, Tarabenthia is heir to the crown of Alcinia. Yet when the idyll of her childhood ends she will defy her father, tipping the balance in a world poised on the brink of destruction and leaving history to judge whether she is heroine or harlot.

In a time of war, what would you surrender in the name of love?

I was the King's daughter once, so many years ago that sometimes now it is hard to remember. Before the tide of time carried away so many things, so many people, it was worth something to be the daughter of a King.

Our little island nation of Alcinia was not rich, except for tin mines honeycombing the south. It wasn't even hospitable. Summer was a brief affair and fall was only a short time of muted colors on the northernmost coast where my father sat his throne at the ancient Keep of Landsfel. Winter was the killing time and spring was hardly better, with frosts that could last into Fifth-Month. But from the south, where men cut thatch in a pattern like the bones of fish, to the north where rock roses spilled down cliffs to the sea, it was my own.

One thinks such things will never change, yet all things do.

[Published 18 September 2008, 290 pages]

Heart of the Earth [2]

Robbed of her husband by the arrows of assassins, Tia must flee to the Northern Prince who has always wanted her. But the price of Hilgi's protection is too high.

Separated from her land and her Goddess, can Tia find a way to return to them?and to a love that may redeem her?

[Published 11 December 2008, 309 pages]

Ice Maiden [3]

When a simple farm girl attracts the notice of the King’s half brother, it leads to a dazzling world of privilege, intrigue, war and passion.

[Published 25 Decembr 2014, 125 pages]

About the Author

Beginning a prize-winning career in poetry, Miriam carried her love of the written word into seventeen novels to date.

Her offerings range from contemporary and historical fantasy to science fiction and historical fiction, always with a romantic flavoring.

Her original novel The King’s Daughter—now part of The Chronicles of Alcinia—was written in Ireland, her second home.

When in the U.S., she resides on a small horse farm in Pennsylvania with a collection of rescue animals.

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Miriam Newman said...

Thank you for hosting me on your blog! I see you found all three books of the trilogy; it's so nice to see them again, all wrapped up in The Chronicles of Alcinia. It's an epic good for many hours of reading enjoyment.

Unknown said...

congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

Pamela Seres said...

Thank you for having DCL best selling author Miriam Newman on your blog!