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Tuesday 1 August 2017

✉ Who has the time? - Gareth Worthington

Today author takes over our blog to tell us where he finds the time to write.

Children of the Fifth Sun
 (, Vesuvian Books, 542 pages), a Science Faction" - science fiction, action and adventure with fact-based science, theories, and mythology - is his latest novel.

"An action-packed, globe-hopping science fiction thriller... pedal-to-the-metal pacing and relentless action make it easy to turn pages..." -Kirkus Reviews. July 2017

"Scientist Worthington's understanding of the complexities and possibilities of marine biology and endocrinology are evident."
- Publishers Weekly, May 2017

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Who has the time?

By Gareth Worthington

It’s the number one question I get asked. Where do I find the time to write a book? I resist the urge to be a nerd and launch into quantum physics, special relativity and other such topics that consider the notion of time – and simply say: we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day.

To give you some context, I have a complicated job helping to bring cancer medicines to countries all around the world. It means I travel a lot. I also have two children under three years old, practice Muay Thai, go to the gym, play guitar, create book covers, create websites, and am Director of Business Development for a start-up.

So, you can see why people ask.

The short answer is: I don’t sleep. The longer answer is: I choose to do other things than sleep. Or go to the pub. Or waste time in front of the TV without my laptop open. Every minute of every day is ticking by, and it’s a minute we can wave to as it jogs on past - or it’s a minute we can grab and fill.
Now for transparency’s sake, I will also tell you that I sacrifice certain things. Things that may be important to other people. Like seeing friends. Mine are spread around the world, so a trip to the local bar or a cup of tea round someone’s house isn’t really in the cards for me anyway. I don’t lose days of my life to watching sports events and, for me, taking long walks is something that should exclusively be undertaken by Hobbits. I prioritise my life and my hobbies, with family and work at the top, and writing a very close third.

I grab whatever minute or hour I can, be it on a plane or train. I’m actually writing this blog at midnight in a hotel in Budapest.

Ultimately, my philosophy on life is:
from the dawn of time, the series of events that had to occur so that I exist is mind boggling. The butterfly effect states that the tiniest change at any point in the timeline could mean that my ancestors did not meet and make babies. One wrong turn and a mammoth could have squashed caveman -Worthington.
Wasting the life I have been given against all odds, just seems … ungrateful.

So, dear reader, I ask you this: what’s important to you? And what activities that fill your minutes are a priority, and which could you sacrifice if writing a book is truly what you want to do?

Children of the Fifth Sun
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CMash said...

What a great post!! I'm tired just reading all that he does. I truly hope, after losing so many loved one to Cancer, that a cure is found. I love his philosophy and will consciously take his advice.

Gareth worthington said...

It was a pleasure to guest blog! Thank you for the opportunity. :)