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Sunday, 5 April 2015

✍ Blood Is Thicker Than Water: A DCI Warren Jones Short Story [2.5] - Paul Gitsham

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Published by Carina UK
Number of pages: 96
My rating: ★ ★ ★  I liked it  
About the author

"It all seems straightforward.

There’s been a tragic accident: the old man fell asleep in his chair, woke up in the dark, fell and hit his head on the mantelpiece. But the Crime Scene Manager isn't happy. There are just too many details that aren't quite right and Charles Michaelson’s accident becomes a suspicious death.
And, as DCI Warren Jones investigates, he and his team discover that all is not as it appears to be in the dead man’s caring family when his son-in-law disappears. Then they uncover some dark secrets in Michaelson’s past and a motive for murder."

"Blood Is Thicker Than Water" is a novella, just under 80 pages in length, featuring DCI Warren Jones, who comes across as a very thorough, just and compassionate human being.

This police procedural is set in the UK (Middlesbury, in Beds and Herts) and is narrated in the third person, in a clean and near clinical manner - the author's scientific mind does shine through in his writing.
The main four characters are incredibly well developed for such a short piece, and you truly get a feel for them.

The case was fairly straight forward but still had enough intrigue to keep you guessing till the end, as did Mr Gitsham who does not give away the final answer until the very last moment.

A solid entertaining read.

The remainder of the book is a preview of the third book in the series, "Silent As The Grave", which will be available from 15 April 2015; it was certainly captivating enough to leave me wanting more.

If you would like to find out if this author is for you, the first full length novel in the DCI Warren Jones series, "The Last Straw", is available for only 99 pence!

[ARC received via Netgalley]

About the Author

Paul Gitsham started his career as a biologist, working in such exotic locales as Manchester and Toronto. After stints as the world's most over-qualified receptionist and a spell making sure that international terrorists and other ne'er do wells hadn't opened a Junior Savings Account at a major UK bank (a job even less exciting than being a receptionist) he retrained as a Science Teacher. He now spends his time passing on his bad habits and sloppy lab-skills to the next generation of enquiring minds.

Paul has always wanted to be a writer and his final report on leaving primary school predicted he'd be the next Roald Dahl! For the sake of balance it should be pointed out that it also said "he'll never get anywhere in life if his handwriting doesn't improve". Twenty five years later and his handwriting is worse than ever but millions of children around the world love him.*

You can learn more about Paul's Writing at or

*This is a lie, just ask any of the pupils he has taught.

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